We make machines think.


ulam.ai is an AI company focusing on text processing and automation of business processes.


We provide high-level consulting to executives and R&D teams looking to launch an artificial intelligence solution, helping to build an AI strategy and find people to implement it.


We are actively researching machine learning and applying cutting-edge research to build our own products.


ulam phd CEO data science machine learning artificial intelligence ulam phd CEO data science machine learning artificial intelligence

Some of our completed projects involved:

  • extracting precise information from hundreds of thousands documents.
  • scraping and organising data from multiple sources to improve business processes.
  • automating business processes in taxes, finance, audit and law.
  • using AI algorithms to boost the creative process in games: from bots to 3D models.
  • using quantum computing in optimisation problems in transportation and logistics.


If you want to contact us and form a partnership, the best way is write to us directly via email or fill our Partnership form, so that we can discover your needs.


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Let's Boost Your Company with Artificial Intelligence

We offer:


  • individual consulting from $199/h
  • workshops
  • brainstorming sessions
  • long-term R&D management advising


Contact us with your use case.