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Technological Books you should read in 2020
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We’re living in the future. It’s time to understand it.

Our world is a global village. If you’re reading these words, you probably have a smartphone with a connection to the Internet. Last two decades were crazy when it comes to technology and how we use it. Never in our history we have seen so many breakthroughs in such a short time. This text focuses on books which discuss those changes from different perspectives.

Innovators changing the world


We all love stories about heroes, who make sacrifices, lose, and failure after failure come back to change the world. The books below focus on people:



The Innovators by Walter Isaacson is a book about creative minds, who push boundaries, go against their eras and reinvent how things are done. Now an absolute classic when it comes to innovations.



Elon Musk is loved and hated by millions. His fascinating quest to bring electric cars to masses and go to Mars makes headlines. His biography presents him from his South African childhood up to now. An amazing story which still unveils.



The Everything Store is a story of how Amazon raised from a small online book seller to a global behemoth which operates across many industries and is constantly growing. Read it to understand why it’s always ‘Day One’.



Bad Blood is about how wrong you can go if your goal is to ‘build a billion dollar company at all costs’ rather than innovate. It shows how Silicon Valley operates and how far you can go without having a working prototype.



Rocket Billionaires shows how hard is rocket industry and why ‘rocket science’ still means ‘hard, almost impossible’. It presents the history of the first Moon landing, analyses satellite businesses and explain why private sector changed the rocket industry completely. Must read for anyone interested in space.


Artificial Intelligence is coming


Technology can have many faces, but one of the main one recently is Artificial Intelligence. We’re all using it, whether we want it or no. The books below explain how we’ve arrived at the current era and what might await us in the future.



Sapiens by Harari presents our history in compelling and coherent way. From our ancient ancestors to now, from simple tools to Internet and smartphones, this story is a great read to gain perspective on why we are who we are as a human race.



Superintelligence is the classic reference for Artificial Intelligence and Artificial General Intelligence. Nick Bostrom lays out all the theory which is often used by other authors. Great read for anyone wondering how AI will change the world.



Weapons of Math Destruction is a book about mathematics. Cathy O’Neil shows how our world is governed by algorithms and how we let algorithms decide for us. Fascinating and terrifying at the same time.



AI Superpowers is a great reference for explaining how AI is used in business and also how China is using AI to its benefit. The author explains differences between Silicon Valley and Chinese start-up ecosystem.



If you’re looking for more book recommendations, see our list of Artificial Intelligence books.


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artificial intelligence, books, tech books, technology, technology books,