We provide consulting services to organisations which need external help with Data Science, Machine Learning or Artificial Intelligence.


Our main product isĀ Artificial Intelligence Business Strategy, a tailored report to get your company up to speed with AI:

  • answering what is possible to boost your business and by how much
  • estimation of costs of hiring vs external teams
  • recent research incorporated

From $10,000 per strategy.


Apart from providing external services, we build our own AI products related to text-processing and marketing:

  • scraping and cleaning data from websites
  • building search engines for databases
  • generating text and other content
  • analysing data and processes



AI STRATEGY – to create a custom strategy for your business write us on LinkedIn.

Let us help you:


  • boost your business with AI
  • organise your existing tech flow
  • optimise your business processes related to innovations
  • build Data Science and Machine Learning capabilities
  • solve technological issues