Artificial Intelligence Books

Artificial Intelligence Books
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Artificial Intelligence became one of the most prevalent topics in 2019. AI is here to stay thanks to its practical applications in many industries and in our daily life. That’s why you should prepare better for our technological future by reading top Artificial Intelligence books. I have divided them into 3 main categories: sociological, philosophical and business-oriented.


Sociological AI books


The most pressing issue is how AI will influence us as a human race and what future it will bring us. We’re living in the age of automation, and thus we have to make our policies right – to foster growth right now but also to not waste our future.



Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow is now a classic book about how technology, Artificial Intelligence in particular, impacts societies. The author presents a historic perspective and then discusses ramifications for our present and future. A must-read!



The Singularity is Near popularized the term ‘Technological Singularity’ and shows sociological impact it will have on us. The author is well-known futurist who lives by his own principles.


Philosophical AI books


If we are to think a bit into the future, what awaits us is a Technological Singularity, a moment in time where Artificial Intelligence capabilities will surpass those of humans. This is a moment of great turn and though it might never come, it’s worth to think from this perspective about what we are doing right now.



Superintelligence is the classic reference for thinking about Artificial Intelligence and Artificial General Intelligence. Nick Bostrom lays out all the theory which is often used by other authors. Not an easy read, but very satisfying.



Life 3.0 is another take on Artificial General Intelligence and what it might mean for humans if AI were much more intelligent than us. It has really great examples and starts with a fascinating story of how AGI might enter the world and allow one company to dominate it.


Business-oriented AI books


Artificial Intelligence wouldn’t be that popular if it hadn’t found so many applications across so many sectors. Using AI in the form of machine learning is ubiquitous. Here’s very practical list of business books focused on Artificial Intelligence.



AI Superpowers is a fantastic reference for not only how China is using AI to its benefit, but also for how the start-up ecosystem in China looks like. And how different it is from the Silicon Valley.



Applied Artificial Intelligence is designed with Business Leaders in mind. It gives you a framework to think about Machine Learning, Deep Learning, AGI, ANI and shows multiple use-cases in today business world.


ai, artificial intelligence, books, machine learning,