Artificial Intelligence Art

Directed by humans, created by AI. 
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Each drop contains up to 10 unique digital artworks created by AI


We’ve started the Artificial Intelligence Art AIA project on OpenSea, with a goal to combine our knowledge of AI and our creative minds into unique pieces of work.


Directed by humans, created by AI. 

by Przemek Chojecki, CEO of


My plan was to rework paintings by well-known artists, using various styles generated by AI to play with colors and their structure. The artificial intelligence component here is crucial to train the algorithms on hundreds of thousands of existing artworks and then apply it to recreate or create new art.


I’ve started with Polish artists like Matejko, Siemiradzki, Malczewski or Natalia LL, that you can see above. Using machine learning algorithms, I’ve recreated their art using Picasso-like thick brush, creating a uniform view on historical and modern paintings.


The goal of AIA or Artificial Intelligence Art is to push AI creativity to human levels, from reworking old masters to entirely unseen creations. This will be a long journey to answer the question of what it means to be creative and can machines be creative as well.




Individual pieces from the first batch are up for sale, so if you want to participate in the AI Art project, now you can! Proceeds will fuel the creation of new, unique art by AI. Join me on a journey to unbounding creativity.


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, recreated by AI, using Matejko’s work.

In the first batch of AIA collection you can see 9 pieces of art:

  • AI Stanczyk, after Matejko
  • AI war scene, after Matejko
  • Banana girl, after Natalia LL
  • Dirce, after Siemiradzki
  • Swans, after Chelmonski
  • Orange woman, after Gierymski
  • Trio, after Malczewski
  • Dying princess, after Simmler
  • AI Mickiewicz, after Wankowicz


In future batches of AIA, I plan to add artwork exploring Western cultures (old masters) as well as Eastern (China, Japan, India), all through unique perspective of AI algorithms.


I plan to create 10 or less digital artworks in each batch to ensure uniqueness and scarcity. Each drop will be posted with varying regularity but no more than once a day.


Join us on this creative journey! We’ll post updates on this blog and on Medium.


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A war scene painting by artificial intelligence after Matejko

art, artificial intelligence, nft,